How to use Printer?

Instant Steps for Printer How to Print, Scan and Copy?

HP Officejet 4652 How to Print?

To print a document swiftly at high quality you have to customize the settings based on the nature of the print job. Choose File and click on Print. You can access more layout using the Printer Properties, Properties, or Preference option. Check our manual to set the orientation, paper source tray, mode, and more. Once you customize the printer preview it before you print. Once all is set well, set the number of copies, and click on Print.

HP Officejet 4652 How to Scan?

Scanning is a function which lets you scan the hard copy you placed either on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder. Once the scan is done you can save it on the computer to which the printer is connected or you can send it as an attachment to any valid email address. You can also include more than one email address by entering them in the cc column. The first step involved in scan is to place the original on the medium which you choose. Align it liable to the inscribed guide present and then close the lid. You can also scan the documents or photos that are saved on the memory device.

HP Officejet 4652 How to Copy?

Copy feature lets you take at maximum of 9 copies per time. This option can be enabled when your printer is in the normal quality print mode. Open the lid of the printer, place the original on the glass, and close the lid of the printer. Set the option either as the Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color option to commence the copy job. You can fix the number copies between 1 and 9 and confirm the job. To increase or decrease the number of copies click the icon accordingly.

Solve HP Officejet 4652 Troubleshooting Issues

Get the Solution to Solve HP Officejet 4652 Troubleshooting Issues for Paper Jam, Paper Feed and Not Printing in Black Or Color Ink Issues.

Solve Color or Black Ink Not Printing Issues

  • When your HP Officejet 4652 printer fails to produce the printouts at desired quality some printer issue is likely to occur.
  • Check the printer’s control panel to check if any alert message is displayed on the screen and follow the solutions to bring the printer back to the normal condition.
  • Always make use a good quality ink purchased from the manufacturer to avoid quality issues.
  • You can also enroll in the HP Instant Ink Solutions to get the ink periodically.
  • Allowing the printer to undergo auto service can bring back the printer to proper working condition.
  • When you installed a newly purchased ink or if the ink installed are improperly the quality issue occurs.
  • Using the incompatible ink can also make your printer to produce poor quality printouts.
  • Solve the issue using the printer’s automatic servicing. It is a simple process as human interruption is not required.
  • Do not disturb the printer until the auto servicing routine gets completed.
  • Make sure that the paper you have installed in the input tray matches the print job you allotted to your printer.
  • If you wish to take printouts of documents with dense printing make use of the HP Advance Photo paper for good results.
  • Some media fails to absorb ink. If the prints smear check whether you are using correct paper type.
  • Check if you have placed the print side of the paper in the input tray.
  • Generally, printing and non- printing sides. Smoother side is the print side and it should be placed facing the input tray.
  • Using wrinkle paper or curled papers lead to poor quality issues.
  • You can change the print settings to get the most out of your printer.
  • It is wise to estimate the ink levels earlier and replace the low ink cartridge before it gets dried out completely.

Solve Paper Jam and Paper Feed Issues

  1. When any of the paper present in the input tray get jammed or stuck when the printer intakes the paper the printer stops functioning.
  2. You can physically remove the jammed paper from the tray and resume the print job.
  3. Not all the paper jam error are true. The printer’s control panel might display an error message even all is well set in the printer.
  4. In such cases, reboot your printer and start to perform the print job.
  5. The first step you have to do is to power off the printer and place it around so that the rear end of the printer faces you.
  6. Remove the power cord from the printer’s rear end. This is done in order to let the paper feed rollers to move freely.
  7. search the rear access door and open it by turning the dial in counter clockwise direction.
  8. Then pull the door toward you. Check if the pressure rollers on the rear access door displace freely.
  9. Wipe the rollers if required. For cleaning purpose make use of a soft towel.
  10. If the rollers are not moving freely, substitute the rear access door.
  11. Take out the jammed paper from the rear access door. You can remove the paper from the front end if any of the papers cannot be removed.
  12. Take out all the extra papers from the input tray and discard the one which is damaged or crumpled.
  13. Replace the stack of paper again in the tray. Refix the rear access door and relink the power cord to the printer and power it on.
  14. Make sure that the rear access door is closed properly. If it is kept half open the paper will skew.
  15. Check if no debris gets accumulated in any of the four metal pressure rollers that present inside the main feed roller.

Free HP Officejet 4652 Driver and Manual Download

  1. We not only provide easy steps to assemble hardware. Here is the simple instruction to get the latest driver installed on your computer.
  2. The manual provided in our website has instructions on how to setup your printer, how to establish the network connection, how to troubleshoot the printer.
  3. The troubleshooting steps for paper jam, paper stuck in the queue, network issue, carriage issue, and more.
  4. Are you in search of downloading and installing the latest driver for your printer? Then follow the successive instructions.
  5. Visit our website and index in the correct printer model number which you are using.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to get the current version of the printer driver.
  7. Click on Download and keep it undisturbed until the download gets completed.
  8. Once the download gets completed unzip the downloaded files
  9. The file format of the file will be in .exe format provided you download it on a Windows computer.
  10. The file format of the file will be in .dmg format provided you download and install it on a Mac computer.
  11. Run the file to install it on the computer. Trail the instructions to complete the installation process.
  12. Get back to the home screen, accomplish the installation process, and start to print.
  13. You also have another method to get the driver installed on your computer. That’s the CD which your manufacturer provides you at the time shipment of the printer.
  14. All you have to do is to place the CD in the drive of your computer and let it install on the desired location.
  15. Before you place a CD in the drive check it has no scratches on it.
  16. For more information post your doubts and send it to our tech support team.

HP Officejet 4652 Printer Review

The HP Officejet 4652 printer is compatible, small, easy to handle and sleek design. It is suitable to fit even on your desk. An ideal choice for daily office based purpose. The outputs produced by this printer is highly affordable and attains professional quality. It can print 2.5x as many pages provided you use Original HP high- yield ink cartridges. The mobile printing feature is made easy by the HP Officejet 4652 printer. Avail the seamless performance without a drop down in speed. Get the printouts fast across the board. You can save the paper and be eco- friendly by using the duplex printing option. Get your scans and copies of multiple page documents. Connect your printer wirelessly and print from where you are. You can also connect the printer using the Wired mode if needed. It has a touch- screen display which made your work simpler and smoother. The running cost of the printer is good and offers you professional quality printouts. Eprint accessibility lets you print from your mobile devices. Apple users can also print from their device as they can avail AirPrint feature. It is a good choice to go if you want to get the best printer within your budget.

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