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The 123.hp.com/amp130 is an ultra-compact all-in-one printer. This printer gives the performance with crystal clarity and booming bass. You can quickly access and print photos on your SmartPhone with this all-in-one HP AMP 130 printer. You can easily print from social media, the cloud, and your camera-roll. Using your camera you can easily scan files and share to email or the cloud with this HP AMP 130 printer. It is embedded with the high-quality speaker system. You can easily connect with Bluetooth. It supports copying and scanning too. It supports duplex printing and also supports wireless connectivity. Its paper capacity is up to 100 sheets. It supports USB, WiFi, and Wi-Fi Direct 123.hp.com/setup 130.


Quick 123.hp.com/setup 130 - Unboxing

    After unboxing the printer, you have to follow the steps as they are directed below to set the HP AMP 130 printer control panel preferences, install ink cartridges, and load paper into the paper tray.

  • STEP 1: Carefully, take out the printer from the printer’s cardboard box. You will notice tapes and stickers attached to the printer, remove them all.
  • STEP 2: Remove all the packing materials that are stuffed inside and outside the printer. Finally, discard the packing materials.
  • STEP 3: Now, you can turn on your 123.hp.com/amp130 printer. Press the power button after connecting the power cord to the printer and the wall outlet, and the printer turns on immediately.
  • STEP 4: Set the desired preferences on the control panel screen of your printer. At the end, click “Yes” and confirm your choice.
  • STEP 5: After setting the preferences, you can load the paper into the input tray. Pull the input tray forward and then fill it with enough paper to overcome printing issues.
  • STEP 6: After loading the paper, you can push the tray back to its place. Also, ensure the tray is completely pushed.
  • STEP 7: Now, you can install the ink cartridges that came with your printer. Open the ink cartridge access door and install the ink cartridges one by one into their slot correctly.
  • STEP 8: After installing the cartridges, don’t forget to close the ink cartridge access door properly. If the door is not closed properly, then the printer cannot align the cartridges. Finally, install the HP AMP 130 printer driver and software to finish the 123.hp.com/setup 130.

Easy HP Amp 130 Driver Installation

You can easily download and install the driver for your printer. Click the link which is displayed on the page, and download the printer driver for your Windows or Mac.

Free HP Amp 130 Driver Download:

STEP 1: When you click the link you will be directed to the driver download page, there you have to select the operating system you are using for your computer.

STEP 2: Then click on the link for the operating system which you have chosen. The driver starts downloading on your computer. Wait for sometime till the driver download completes.

HP Amp 130 Driver Installation:

STEP 1: After the driver download completes, you have to open the folder where the driver is saved.

STEP 2: Double-click on the driver file you have downloaded to install the driver.

STEP 3: You will be prompted to choose the storage location for the driver which needs to be installed.

STEP 4: You can select the default location to save the file, and then choose “Next” and wait for the installation process to complete.

STEP 5: After the completion of driver installation, you can perform all the tasks using your 123.hp.com/amp130 printer.

Guidelines for 123.hp.com/amp130 Ink Cartridge Replacement

If any of your ink cartridges goes low or empty, you can do HP Amp 130 Ink Cartridge Replacement. Use genuine ink cartridges for your printer to overcome the printing issues. Follow the instructions to replace the ink cartridge.

STEP 1: To replace the ink cartridges for your printer, open the ink cartridge access door.

STEP 2: Wait till the carriage remains silent. Once it remains silent, remove the old ink cartridge from its slot. Then remove the new ink cartridge from its package.

STEP 3: Carefully, hold the HP AMP 130 ink cartridge on its both sides and insert the ink cartridge properly to its slot.

STEP 3: Gently push the cartridge forward till it clicks into its place. Repeat the same process, if you need to replace any other ink cartridge that is low or empty.

STEP 5: After replacing the ink cartridges to your HP AMP 130 printer, you can close the ink cartridge access door and the printer prints an alignment page.

STEP 6: Make sure the ink cartridge access door is closed properly or else it may cause the 123.hp.com/amp130 printing issue.

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