how to scan from hp envy100 printer to computer

How to do HP Envy 100 Scan to Computer?

hp envy 100 scan to computer

Follow Our Steps for HP Envy 100 Scan to Computer, Download the required printer driver from our website. Follow the prompted instructions to install it. Choose the HP Scan software and install it along with the driver.


Place the document or photo that you wish to scan on the scanner glass. Position it according to the engraved guides on the glass. Close the scanner lid.


If you are using a Mac, open the HP Easy Scan app. Select the name of your printer under the scanner menu. Select the job type under the Presets menu.


Tap on the Scan button and click on Edit to customize settings. Press the small Send button at the bottom of the window.



Click on Folder option. Select the destination folder under the Where menu and click Save to start scanning the document or photo.



If you are using a Windows computer, open the HP Printer Assistant window. Click on the Scan A Document or Photo option.



Select the shortcut type that matches your scan job and make the necessary changes. Tap on the Scan option to start scanning the document or photo, by follow these steps you can easily achieve hp envy 100 scan to computer.

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