HP Envy 110 How to Print from Tablet?

hp envy 110 how to print from tablet

Get Solution for HP Envy 110 How to Print from Tablet, the HP Service Plugin installed on the tablet lets you print from Android device over a Wireless network.



Get directed to Play Store, and install the plugin for your tablet.



The operating system of the tablet which you are using should have OS 4.4 version and later.



It is mandatory to connect the tablet and the computer to the same internet connection.



Connecting the devices to the different network does not identify the other and hence no transformation of data takes place.



If the Plugin is installed on the tablet for the first time, go to the home screen to enable the notification dashboard and then click HP Inc service installed.


If this time you have just updated it, click on settings and go on with More settings option and then click Printing.



Choose On and then turn off other Plugins. Choose a document of your choice, follow the prompts, and print it, Click Here to get guidelines for How to Print from PC.

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