how to print a document

How to Print on HP Printer?

how to print on hp printer

Here find the solution for how to print on hp printer, Turn on the printer and wait for it to complete the warm-up process. Ensure that the connection between the printer and computer is secure.



Extend the paper tray out and slide the paper width guides to its outermost extension. Load a stack of paper in it and close the paper width guides.



Check the estimated levels of ink in your printer. You might not be able to print or achieve the optimum print quality if the estimated level of ink is low.


If you are using a Windows computer and you wish to print a document, open the document. Customize a few settings such as font style, size, and layout options.


Click on the File menu. Tap on the Print option to display the general print settings window. Click on Properties, Printer Properties, or Preferences option.


The Printer Properties window will open. You can change or customize advanced settings such as orientation, source, and size of the print job.



Under the Layout tab, tap on the Orientation option to choose between horizontal or vertical prints. Choose the Paper Source under the Paper/Quality tab.


Customize the type of paper from the Paper Type menu under Paper/Quality tab. You can also customize the Size under this tab.



Choose the quality of the document to be printed from the Quality menu under the Paper/Quality tab. You can choose between Draft, Normal, Best, or Max DPI options.


Choose between Color, Monochrome, and Grayscale options from the Color menu under the Paper/Quality tab. Tap on the Print option to start printing.


If you are using a Mac, open the document and edit a few settings such as the font style, size, and orientation before proceeding to print.



Click on the File menu and tap on the Print option. Click on the Show Details button to open the Printer Settings window.



Select the name of your printer from the Printer menu. Choose the type of job that matches your requirements under the Presets menu.



Click on the center of the window to customize various settings such as the Layout, Paper Source, Paper Type, and Duplex Printing.



Select Draft, Normal, or Maximum DPI from the Quality menu under the Media And Quality tab. Choose if you want to print this document in color or monochrome.


After customizing the settings, click on the Print option to start printing the document, Now you got the procedure for how to print on hp printer. If you have any queries, call the toll-free number.

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