Step 4: If you use a scanner glass as a base to copy, then keep the original item with the print side facing down the glass and close the scanner lid after aligning the width guides from your hp envy 4510.

Step 5: Tap the copy icon from the home screen of the hp envy 4510 printer’s control panel and modify the copy settings as required.

Step 6: On the copy screen, swipe to choose the required number of copies or enter the number using the keypad icon.

Step 7:To access the advanced copy settings, tap the Settings icon and opt for the desired settings as provided in the upcoming steps.

Step 8: For duplex copying, on the 2-sided option, select on/off as required. If you are performing 2-sided copy from the glass, then load the second page paper when prompted.

Step 9: Under Paper size and type, check if the paper loaded in the tray is matching with the size of paper mentioned in the settings from hp envy 4510 printer.

Step 10: If you wish to rescale the document or photo that you are copying, then choose the option called Resize and set the value according to the requirement.

Step 11: If you do not want the size of the item you intend to copy, then keep the option as Actual that retains the original size but check if there are any changes in the margin.

Step 12: When you try copying an item in an enlarged size, to make it look perfect and neat, choose the option Fit to page that aligns the item to the center with borders.

Step 13: With the help of Custom option, you can increase or decrease the size of the image to more or less than 100%.

Step 14: The Lighter/Darker option lets you customize the font thickness level. Tap OK once you fix the level.

Step 15: Obtain two-sided copy of an id card from the hp envy 4510 scanner glass with the ID Card Copy option.

Step 16: To get back to the Copy screen, tap Back. Now, tap Start Black or Start Color to begin the copy job.