How to do HP Scan to Email a Document in a Printer?

HP scan to email

Here’s Steps for HP Scan to Email, Place the document with the print-side down on the scanner glass. Position the document according to the engraved guides on the glass. Close the scanner lid.


Select the name of your computer from the Scan menu on the printer. Select either Email As PDF or Email As JPEG option to begin scanning the document or photo.


If you have a Windows computer and you wish to scan to email, open the HP Printer Assistant window. Click on the Scan a Photo or Document option.


Select one of the email shortcuts such as the Email As PDF, Email As JPEG, Photo To Email, or Document To Email. Press the Scan button to start scanning.



If you are using a Mac and you wish to scan to email, open the Image Capture application. Select the name of your printer under the Devices list.



Tap on Show Details option and select the shortcut type as Mail. Make the necessary changes and click on Scan to start scanning the document or photo.

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