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HP Envy 4510 How to Scan for Mac? – Envy 4510 Scan from Computer Mac – Scanning documents and photos on your printer can be easily done with a Mac computer using the applications installed on it. By using the various scan methods, scanning can be done flawlessly. Follow the steps provided below which will enable you to scan documents on your HP Envy 4510 printer effortlessly.

HP Envy 4510 How to Scan Using the HP Easy Scan App? (Mac Os And Os X 10.9 And Later)

Get Solution for hp envy 4510 how to scan for mac? with the help of HP applications available on apple istore .An alternative method would be to use the driver software downloadable on HP support site.

  • Download and install HP Easy scan application on your computer from the App Store.
  • This application will pop up when you search Mac for Scan. Select HP Easy scan app from the list that is displayed.
  • Open the scan lid and place the document or photo face-down on the scanner glass. Using Automatic Document Feeder, multiple pages can be scanned.
  • In order to prevent photos from getting damaged, do not use them in the ADF.
  • Choose your printer name that should appear in the scanner drop down of the HP easy Scan app.
  • The scan type can be chosen from the Presets Menu. Select Edit Settings to change this option.
  • Click on scan after saving the changes made.
  • Click scan and next item to scan additional pages.
  • Click the thumbnail of the scanned item to view it in the preview panel.
  • Edit option is made use to change colors, straighten scan, or crop size.
  • The scanned items can be saved to a folder by clicking and clicking the folder found in the bottom right of the Mac window.
  • Click on Where Menu from the window that is displayed and choose the folder that you want to save the file to and press Save.
  • Double click on the saved file from the folder that it was saved to in order to view it, Click Here for HP Envy 4510 Setup

HP Envy 4510 How to Scan for Mac Using HP Scan Software? (Os X 10.11 Or Earlier)

Documents and photos can be scanned using the HP scan software application which is accessible from anywhere in the globe. Editing tools and scanning tools from the control panel are an added advantage. HP Scan software readies the system to scan, print, and save it to your computer.

hp envy 4510 how to scan for mac


An installed version of HP Scan software needs to be present on your Mac in its list of applications prior to following these steps:

  • Ensure that both your Mac computer and your printer is turned on.
  • Both the printer and mac computer needs to be connected using a common network, be it either USB or wireless.
  • You should have already downloaded printer driver software to the latest version.
  • If not, download the driver software that is respective to your printer from HP support site.
  • Following which, download HP Scan software from the Apple application store and install it on your Mac computer.
  • In your Mac, open Finder and then choose Go that is present in the top menu bar and select Applications.
  • Open the folder containing HP Scan software and click on the software’s icon.
  • After finding the HP Scan software’s specific icon, double-click on it to open the application.
  • If you are unable to locate HP Scan software’s icon on the list of items inside the folder, follow the next step.
  • Proceed to go to HP’s support website and download the HP Envy 4510’s printer software.
  • Proceed with on-screen instructions that will guide you through the installation process.
  • Click next and continue to start scanning on your HP Envy 4510 printer.


The below steps should be followed to get solution for hp envy 4510 how to scan for mac using the HP scan application?

  • With the front facing down, insert the document or photo into the scanner glass and close the lid. Multiple documents can be scanned by using Automatic document feeder. (ADF)
  • Do no place photos in ADF in order to prevent photos from getting damaged.
  • Proceed to select Scan after opening HP Scan window
  • Select the printer name in the scanner menu. Proceed to select a scan job type from the presets.
  • Click on edit to change settings such as scan color, quality settings, and orientation. This is present in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Click Continue after saving the changes following which your printer starts scanning.
  • Click next item, to scan multiple pages.
  • Click the thumbnail version of the scanned item located in the left panel to see the preview.
  • Select Edit to change the colors, crop the image, or straighten the scan.
  • You can save the scanned documents to a folder by selecting send and selecting the folder.
  • This option to choose your saving folder is present on the bottom right corner.
  • Specifying the folder where the image needs to be saved can be done by choosing Where Menu and choosing from your available folders.
  • From the folder that they were saved, double-click on the saved scan file to view them.

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