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Follow Our Procedure for Printer Setup

Free HP Deskjet 3733 Driver Download

Step 1: Installing the HP Deskjet 3733 driver on your computer is the final step in setting up your printer to a computer or to a network.

Step 2: You cannot establish a connection between your printer and computer or access the features of the printer without installing the printer driver on your computer.

Step 3: You can install the HP Deskjet 3733 printer driver using a CD that you received along with the printer. Insert the CD into the computer and follow the on-screen commands.

Step 4: The only downside of using the CD to install the printer driver is that this CD might not compatible with your computer. It may not be updated.

Step 5: You can download the HP Deskjet 3733 driver from our website as an alternative. Enter our website and search for the Driver Download section.

Step 6: Under the Driver Download section, type in the model number of your printer. Select the correct Operating System version of your computer.

Step 7: If you select the wrong OS version or download the wrong version of the printer driver, you cannot install the printer driver on your computer and access the printer.

Step 8: Once you select the OS version of your computer, a list of printer drivers will display. Choose the Full Feature Driver option and download it.

Step 9: If your computer is not compatible with the full feature driver or displays an error message while attempting to install it, download and install the basic software driver.

Step 10: Once the file downloads, open it. Follow the instructions prompted by the installer to install the printer driver on your computer. Select the connection type.

Step 11: Update the printer driver and firmware regularly. It will help you fix bugs and enable new features of your HP Deskjet 3733.

Step 12: If you are using a Windows computer, install HP Support Assistant and if you are using a Mac, install Apple Software Update app. These apps notify you about the printer driver updates.

Instant 3733 Wirelessly

  • If you wish to set up your HP Deskjet 3733 printer to a wireless network, you need to disconnect all the USB and Ethernet cables connecting the printer to the computer.
  • Switch on the printer and router. Wait for the computer to boot and settle down. Connect your computer to the wireless network to which you will connect your printer.
  • Connect one end of the power cord to the printer’s rear and the other end directly to a wall outlet. Turn on your printer and wait for it complete the warm-up process.
  • Before proceeding further, you need to collect a few important details such as the name and password of your wireless network.
  • Ensure that you don’t do 3733 your printer or computer to a guest network such as a school’s network or a hospital’s network.
  • Touch the Setup icon on the printer’s control panel and navigate to Wireless Setup Wizard option. Click on it and Wireless Setup Wizard window will open.
  • Follow the prompted instruction and select your network name. If you don’t find your network, tap on the Enter New Network Name option and enter the details of your network.
  • Once you have done 3733 your printer to the wireless network, click Ok. The light next to wireless icon will blink.
  • If not, press and hold the Wireless button and the Cancel button for three seconds. The light next to wireless icon will now blink.
  • Download the printer driver from our website and install it on your computer. When the installer prompts you to select the connection type, choose Wireless.
  • Follow the prompted instructions to complete the installation process. Try printing a document to check if the connection is secure and the printer is working.

Easy HP Deskjet 3733 Ink Cartridge Replacement

Check the approximate levels of ink in your printer. If the printer ever displays a low ink level or blink ink level lights, you need to replace the ink cartridges.

You can check the ink level by pressing the small ink drop icon on the printer’s control panel. The estimated level of ink will display.

If you are using a Windows computer, open the HP Solution Center window. The level of ink in your printer will display on the home screen of this application.

If you are using a Mac, open System Preference and tap on Print & Scan. Select your printer and click Options & Supplies. Check the level of ink under Supply Levels tab.

If you have to replace the old exhausted ink cartridge with a new one, make sure that you get a genuine HP ink cartridge to replace.

If you use a non-authentic or non-HP ink cartridges, you might not able to achieve the optimum print quality. You will have issues with print and print quality.

Before beginning to replace the ink cartridge, you need to load paper in the paper tray of your printer. Pull out the paper tray of the printer.

Slide the paper width guides away to their outermost extension. Load a stack of plain paper in the tray and close the paper width guides.

Connect the power cord of the printer directly to a wall outlet and not to any power surge or electrical surge. Switch on the printer by pressing the power button.

The printer will undergo a preparation process. Wait for it to settle down. Once the printer is idle, clasp the handles printer and open the ink cartridge access door.

The carriage will move to the center. Once the carriage settles down, press the ink cartridge and remove it from the slot.

Take the new ink cartridge and pull the orange tab to remove the packing tapes on it. Hold the ink cartridge at an upward angle and insert it into the slot.

The black ink cartridge goes into the slot on the right and the tri-color ink cartridge goes into the slot on the left. Repeat this step to install more ink cartridges.

Close the ink cartridge access door. Your printer will begin to print the alignment page. This process usually takes thirty seconds.

Load a plain paper into the paper tray. If you are using a Windows computer, open HP Printer Assistant. Tap on Maintain Printer and click on the Align Printer option under Devices Services tab.

If you are using a Mac, open System Preferences. Tap on Print & Scan and Options & Supplies options.Click Utility and click Open Printer Utility. Tap on the Align button.

Solution for Blinking Lights Issue

The Wireless Light Is Blinking

  • If your wireless light is blinking, it means that your printer’s wireless connection is on and it cannot find a network or cannot do 3733 to a wireless network.
  • Your 123 HP deskjet 3733 printer usually takes some time to recognize a network and connect to it. So wait for a few minutes after turning on the router or wireless connection.
  • Ensure that you don’t connect your printer to a guest network. Make sure that there is no disturbance in the network connection. Check the stability of the network.
  • Connect your printer and computer to the same network and install the required printer driver software on your computer. Select Wireless as the mode of connection.

Number Of Copies Icon Alternate Between E&5

  • If your printer displays an E5 error and all the lights on the printer’s control panel blink, it means that there is a problem in the scanner.
  • Restart the printer. Press the power button to switch off your printer. Disconnect the power cord from your printer and plug it back after a while. Turn on your HP Deskjet 3733 printer.
  • If the issue persists, reset your printer. Remove the power cord from the printer while the printer is running. Reconnect the power cord after 30 seconds.
  • Check if the printer is working. If not, resort to servicing your printer. If you have more queries, call the toll-free number and get it touch with the experts.

HP Deskjet 3733 Printer Specs

If you are looking to buy a multifunctional home printer that can print high-quality document and photos at a cheap price, then the ideal choice for you to buy would be the HP Deskjet 3733 All-In-One printer. Do you want to buy a printer that is efficient and does not compromise on quality? HP Deskjet 3733 is the printer you are looking for. With this multifunctional printer, you can print, scan, and copy documents and photos. Are you a student or an employee working in a small firm? With a monthly average cycle of 1000 pages, this printer suffices all your needs. The maximum print quality of HP Deskjet 3733 is 1200 X 1200 DPI for mono and 4800 X 1200 DPI for color documents. This Inkjet printer uses HP Thermal Inkjet printing process and is capable of printing up to 8 black pages and 6 color pages per minute. This printer supports Manual Duplexing. You can use a USB cable to establish a connection between the printer and the computer. Wireless 3733 is also supported by printer. It is compatible with mobile printing solutions such as HP ePrint, AirPrint, and Wireless Direct Printing. HP Deskjet 3733 printer is the aptest choice for home or small business setup.

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