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Solution for HP Printer Problems

The frequently asked hp printer questions are provided for the convenience of the users to identify and avoid the hp printer problems independently. There might be many reasons for a printer to create trouble. Our website consists of information that you may face with the printer in the future if any.

How do I setup my printer with the router provided by the Internet Service Provider?

If you are using a router offered by your Internet Service Provider(ISP), sometimes it may throw fault while connecting your wireless printer over it. The steps below may help you how to connect your wireless printer with a router provided by the ISP.

  • HP Solutions, Disconnect the Internet cable that links the router to the wall.
  • Unplug the power cord of the router, hold for few seconds and then connect it back.
  • Find out the IP address of the printer from the network configuration page by printing it from the printer’s control panel.
  • Match the IP address of the printer with the router’s IP address. The format of both the addresses should be similar in number of digits.
  • If it is not found similar, then the printer is not connected to the wireless network.
  • Open the internet browser on your computer and key in the printer IP address to check if it is showing a connected message.
  • Rejoin the Internet cable into the router, reboot the router and verify if the printer is connected to the wireless network. By following Solutions you can easily achieve hp printer setup process.

What is the difference between sending a print job through email and printing from the HP ePrint software?

Both HP ePrint email and ePrint software lets you print virtually from any place. The printer should be in a working state to be connected to the web using a network and registered with HP Connected.

ePrint software supports higher printing than HP Cloud printers. It automatically detects the available printers and let customers to send print jobs to multiple printers irrespective of any connection type.

It provides the current status of the printer’s connection status then and there.

HP ePrint email sends a print job as an email attachment to a printer that has been connected to a single network with a different email address registered with HP Connected cloud.

How do I change the settings of my printer to print only in black and white?

If HP Printer Problems occurs for Not Printing, Make use of steps below to print only using black ink from your printer.

  • Open the file which you wish to print, click the File menu and then choose Print. The print window displays.
  • Click Program that is visible in a box at the end of the window to edit the color options.
  • Choose Paper type/Quality from the drop-down available next to it.
  • To use up the settings, click the triangle near by Color options.
  • Fix the color field as Gray scale.
  • Set Black Ink Cartridge only instead of Gray scale mode.
  • Save the settings by clicking Presets–>Save current settings as Preset to use it in the future.
  • When you wish to change the settings to color, select the standard preset.

I have a printer connected using USB but the HP Printer Assistant does not open. What am I suppose to do?

This issue usually occurs when you have performed a Windows OS upgrade, i.e. After upgrade the HP Printer Assistant does not open or the Printer setup software screen appears when you click on the desktop shortcut.

We recommend you follow these steps to resolve the above said issue.

Discard the printer connection and reconnect it.

Click on Connect a new printer and observe the instructions displayed on the screen for setting up the printer again. If HP Printer Assistant works, then the hp printer problems is resolved. Else, go to the next step.

Remove the previously installed printer software.

Unplug the USB cable from the printer if it is connected to the computer so. Click on Programs and Features when you find it through Windows Search. Click the respective HP printer name from the list of installed programs, then click Uninstall or Yes. Based on the instructions that appear on the screen, accomplish the software uninstall process. Do not forget to reboot the computer after the completion of any install / uninstall process.

Reinstate the printer software of the latest version.

Switch on your printer if it is turned off. Disconnect the USB cable from the printer if any connected from the computer. Download the latest full-feature printer driver from our website. Extract the setup file that is downloaded on your internet browser utilities either by using HP Download and Install Assistant or choose Download only to open or run the driver file manually. Choose Typical or Recommended type of installation if prompted at the time of software installation process.

Is it possible to change the existing print settings for an HP ePrint print job?

It is not possible to change the default print settings of a print job of HP ePrint from the printer’s control panel or HP Connected.

  • The default print settings of HP ePrint are provided below for your information.
  • The print quality should be set normal.
  • The print color must be full color.
  • Select Letter or A4 for email paper size.
  • The size of the image attachments should be 101.6 x 152.4mm (4×6 in).
  • Set the number of print copies to 1.
  • The paper orientation should be similar as the original document.
  • Keep the Duplex printing as Not supported.

I see a message printer not found while setting it up using USB. Can you guide me with the hp solutions?

No need to worry at this situation. You can make use of these hp solutions to overcome the issue. You can try the steps even changing the order it is given.

  • For any kind of device related issue, follow hp printer help solutions and it is advisable to reboot the devices that will clear all possible issues in it. In this context, restart the computer and the printer.
  • If you have connected your printer and computer using a USB cable, remove it and plug it back.
  • Remove the USB cable from its existing port and try to connect it on a different port.
  • If you are using a USB hub, instead of connecting the USB cable to the port, try connecting it directly to the hub.
  • You can also try using a new USB cable to check if the one you are using is faulty.
  • If you have connected more than once device to your printer using one or more USB cables, then disconnect the devices that are not in use as the printer may not receive the required power supply.

Could you suggest what kind of driver is suitable for my printer?

Good question. Not many know that there are different types of drivers and to check the compatibility of the operating system you use.

Full feature or full solution driver: Full feature driver provides the complete printer functionality and lets the user adapt to the technology very easily. It pops-up the printer software updates when released by the manufacturer frequently. It offers a guided installation with simple steps and reduces the time of the user in learning how to install the driver. This driver will help connecting your printer straight to the local network or to the computer.It is always recommended to download this printer driver to avoid hp printer problems due to driver update.

Plug and play driver: This driver automatically gets installed in the computer and lets the printer function. But alike basic driver this plug and play also provides only the basic functionality of the printer. Hence the characteristics of the driver remains same to the Basic driver.

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